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What is Stem-Kine?

Circulating daily throughout the body of every person of every age are millions of new cells, produced and released primarily from bone marrow, known as stem cells. Unlike other cells in the body, such as liver, heart, or brain cells, stem cells are early-stage undifferentiated cells that have not yet grown into a specific cell type. Stem cells constitute the body’s natural repair and rejuvenation system.

Adult Stem Cells

What do they do? There are two main types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. While embryonic stem cells are still a cause of controversy, the field of adult stem cells is beginning to gain significant momentum and praise in the scientific and medical communities. These non-controversial adult stem cells reside in your bone marrow and fat, as well as other body organs and tissues. In adult organisms, stem cells and progenitor cells act as a repair system for the body, not only replenishing specialized cells, but also maintaining the normal turnover of regenerative organs, such as blood, skin, or intestinal tissues. They are undifferentiated cells and possess the capability to ultimately change into many different types of cells throughout the body (e.g. liver cells, pancreatic cells, lung cells, nerve cells, etc.

They also:

  • secrete chemicals that promote the healing of damaged tissue
  • respond to signals in the body released during injury by homing in to the site, repairing damaged tissue

Adult stem cells bring significant promise as a healing mechanism and treatment method for a variety of otherwise untreatable conditions. Bone marrow transplants are an example of an adult stem cell therapy that has been in use for decades. Other advanced therapies are being developed and administered by international organizations such as the Stem Cell Institute. Many procedures are in clinical trials in the United States. Another way to improve health through the use of stem cells is to stimulate the body’s natural release of stem cells from the bone marrow. Drug companies manufacture drugs that cause the body to release such concentrations of stem cells. Stem-Kine also causes the release of stem cells from the bone marrow, but it is not a drug (which has side effects and is toxic). Rather, it is a natural food supplement that nourishes the body’s natural healing mechanisms, allowing an increase in circulating stem cells for an extended period of time.

What it is formulated to do?

Stem-Kine has been formulated by an expert in the field of stem cell research to nutritionally support the metabolism of bone marrow enabling it to produce more stem cells. By doing so, your body will have a greater ability to restore and rejuvenate itself.

How it is used?

Stem-Kine is taken as a serving of two capsules once or twice each day.

Dr. Neil Riordan talks about Stem Cell

What happens as we age?

As we grow older, our body’s production of stem cells declines steadily, at the very time  in life when we are experiencing deteriorating mental acuity and strength, wrinkling skin, fading eye sight, and other signs and symptoms of aging – a time in life when we have greater need for tissue repair than ever before. When you are young, you produce a large number of stem cells; but after age 25, the number you produce continuously drops. Studies have shown that the more stem cells you have, the more effective is your ability to renew, repair, and slow down the signs and symptoms of aging.

Why use Stem-Kine?

By using Stem-Kine, a product from RBC Life that will renew, replenish, and rejuvenate your own stem cells, your body will use them to bring about marvelous changes in your health. Stem-Kine is a unique nutraceutical supplement made with all-natural ingredients and vitamin D3 through a proprietary fermentation process. These new stem cells find where they are needed to help restore that part of the body to good health. Astounding experiences are being reported in studies and by individuals.

Who may benefit?

Anyone can benefit from an increased number of stem cells, particularly those over 25 years of age. As we grow older, we have fewer stem cells. Research has shown that the more stem cells you have, the more effective is your ability to renew, replenish, and slow down the signs and symptoms of aging. Studies showed that there was an increase in the number of stem cells after only 14 days of consuming Stem-Kine.

Research Findings

Finding: Following a stroke, individuals with a higher content of circulating stem cells recover better than individuals with fewer circulating stem cells.

In a study from the University Hospital Pasteur, 25 patients who incurred a stroke were divided into 2 groups. The first (left side of graph) had a higher number of circulating stem cells after the stroke, the second had a lower number (right side of the graph). On the y-axis is severity of the stroke’s effects. One and three months after ths stroke, the patients with higher amounts of circulating stem cells had a more profound neurological recovery as compared to patients who had lower stem cell counts.

Reference: Dunac et al. Neurological and functional recovery in human stroke are associated with peripheral blood CD34+ cell mobilization. J Neurol. 2007 Mar;254(3):327-32

Finding: Smokers have impaired circulating stem cells, which increase with cessation and decrease with resumption of smoking.

The effects of chronic smoking and subsequent termination were examined on circulating EPC levels. Participants included 14 nonsmokers and 15 smokers; all of the smokers quit smoking. It was found that circulating PCs and EPCs increased promptly after cessation and decreased again following resumption of smoking (resembling a level similar to pre-termination). Recovery of EPCs was found to be greater in light smokers than in heavy smokers. The graph on the left illustrates the levels of circulating progenitor cells corresponding to various time frames following smoking cessation and resumption.

Reference: Kondo et al. Smoking cessation rapidly increased circulating progenitor cells in peripheral blood in chronic smokers. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2004 Aug;24(8):1442-7

Finding: Increasing the number of circulating stem cells with G-CSF leads to a therapeutic effect in cardiac regeneration.


Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) is a drug that mobilizes EPCs, a type of stem cell. This study shows the effectiveness of having increased circulating stem cells in regards to cardiac regeneration (following acute myocardial infarction). The current study took 41 patients with large anterior wall acute myocardial infarction who were at increased risk of unfavorable cardiac remodeling, randomizing them into a control group and a treatment group. After a follow-up of 5 months, patients treated with G-CSF showed a substantially higher LV ejection fraction (left ventricular ejection fraction – the hearts pumping ability) than those treated by conventional methods. Using G-CSF (a means of increasing circulating EPCs) prevented unfavorable cardiac remodeling and improved LV function significantly (see graph to the top).

Reference: Leone et al. Usefullness of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor in patients with large anterior wall acute myocardial infarction to prevent left ventricular remodeling (the rigenera study). Am J Cardiol 2007, 100:397-403

Finding: Circulating stem cells correllate with vascular health and cardiac risk factors.

In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, it was hypothesized that EPCs had a significant role in continuing endothelial repair, where decreased or damaged mobilization would contribute to endothelial dysfunction and cardiovascular disease progression. They measured the amount of circulating EPCs that were able to form colonies(colony-forming units) in blood samples of 45 men who had differing degrees of cardiac risk factors but had never suffered cardiovascular disease. It was shown that a strong correlation existed between the number of circulating EPCs and the subject’s Framingham Risk Score- a measure of risk for cardiovascular disease (see graph to left). Significant correlations also existed between the amount of progenitor cells and the participant’s endothelial function; levels of circulating EPCs were actually a better predictor of vascular reactivity than the exsistence or nonexistence of cardiac risk factors.

Reference: Hill et al. Circulating endothelial progenitor cells, vascular function, and cardiovascular risk. N Engl J Med. 2003 Feb 13;348(7):593-600

Finding: Individuals with Alzheimers have reduced levels of circulating stem cells and a correlation exists between the decreased number of circulating stem cells and the severity of the disease.

In a recent study, the authors sought to investigate the levels of various circulating stem cells involved in angiogenesis (such as EPCs) in patients with Alzheimers disease. Study participants included 55 who were newly diagnosed with Alzheimers (AD), 37 who had non-AD neurodegenerative diseases, and nondemented risk factor control subjects for both groups after matching for sex, age and Framingham risk factor score. Results demonstrated that patients with AD had significantly lower amounts of CFU-EPC (colony-forming units) than the lower risk factor (RF) controls (see figure 1). Furthermore, lower amounts of CFU-EPC in patients with AD were independently associated with either a higher Clinical Dementia Rating scale score or a lower Mini-Mental State Examination score (see figure 2).

Reference: Lee et al. Reduced circulating angiogenic cells in Alzheimers disease. Neurology. 2009 May 26;72(21):1858-63

Finding: Patients with migraine headaches have decreased circulating stem cells.


Study authors investigated patients with migraines to see if irregularities in EPC amounts or abilities existed. A large sample was enlisted, including 166 total consecutive headache patients with varying degrees of severity (severity determined separation into three more groups). Peripheral blood samples were taken to determine CFU-EPCs in the patients; results indicated that those with migraines had significantly lower EPC levels (migraine with aura being lower than migraine without aura). EPCs from migraine patients demonstrated a decreased migratory capacity and increased cellular senescence compared to EPCs from normal subjects or those with tension-type headaches. These findings suggest that EPC numbers and functions may represent a link between migraines and cardiovascular risk factors.

Reference: Lee et al. Decreased number and function of endothelial progenitor cells in patients with migraine. Neurology. 2008 Apr 22;70(17):1510-7.

Finding: Injured tissue mobilizes or “calls in” stem cells.

Authors of this study sought to see if EPCs and CD34+ cells were mobilized in peripheral blood (PB) following acute myocardial infarction. Participants included 16 people who had just suffered an acute myocardial infarction and 8 control subjects who had no evidence of any cardiac ischemia (but suffered from abnormal chest pain). Flow cytometry anyalysis demonstrated that circulating CD34+ counts significantly increased following onset of myocardial infarction, reaching a peak at day 7 (see graph on the left), where control groups had no change. Furthermore, induced culture of a sample of these cells from the patients with acute myocardial infarction developed higher levels of cell clusters and EPCs from PB obtained from day 7 than day 1. This shows not only that levels of EPCs and CD34+ increase in response to an injury, but their capabilities to mobilize and colonize also increase (demonstrating their importance in response to injury).

Reference: Shintani et al. Mobilization of endothelial progenitor cells in patients with acute myocardial infarction. Circulation 2001; 103:2776-2779


Finding: Erectile and endothelial function correlate with circulating endothelial progenitor cell levels.


Endothelial dysfunction has been identified as a necessary connection with erectile dysfunction (ED). The objective of this study was to discover any potential trends in EPC levels of overweight men with and without ED. 30 overweight, yet healthy individuals with symptomatic ED for a period of at least 6 months were matched with 30 control subjects of the same age and weight without ED. Erectile dysfunction was assessed and multiple subpopulations of circulating EPCs were measured through flow cytometry. It was found that certain EPCs were significantly reduced in overweight subjects with ED and were related to the severity of the disease.

Reference: Esposito et al. Circulating CD34+ KDR+ endothelial progenitor cells correlate with erectile function and endothelial function in overweight men. J Sex Med 2009; 6(1):107-114


Overcoming Injuries
I am a avid runner & outdoors man and have been my whole life (including an active duty tour in the Airborne Infantry in Vietnam, where I was shot.) Twenty years ago, I injured my right knee. My knee would intermittently swell & my movement was limited. When I slept at night I couldn’t keep my right leg bent or I would rapidly experience pain. I bean taking Stem-Kine, (two capsules, two times a day) and after only three to five days, I could feel that my knee was beginning to improve. After four months, all my pain seemed to vanish from my knee. I can run, squat, walk, and climb. The greatest feeling is recovering my ability to run without consideration of any weakness.

G. Havens

On January 23rd of 2014, I picked up a horse tank to clear the ice out of it. That’s when I strained the muscle in my lower back. It was so very painful I could hardly get up. I took 3 Stem-Kine at 11:30 a.m. and again at 5 p.m. The next day I took two in the morning and two at night and by Saturday morning the pain was about 97% gone. By Sunday morning I had hardly any pain and by Monday everything was O.K. I give Stem-Kine the credit.

Joe Zehr’s wife, Lucy, back in October had lung problems. She went to the hospital on December 13th. She was very ill and we found out she has pulmonary hypertension of the lungs. The doctor said she needed oxygen 24/7 and a breathing machine four times a day. So we started her with Stem-Kine, Vitaloe and MSM with Microhydrin. She uses the Spirulina powder also.

She was back to see the doctor on January 14th and the doctor was very surprised because she was not on oxygen 24/7 and no breathing machine. She is really doing great. She is probably on oxygen 1/3 of the time at night and hardly any through the day. She had liver and gall bladder issues and she added Artichoke Liver Cleanse and that is about all cleared up. Stem-Kine is where we start.

Joe Zehr

My hips always hurt and I was always having to go to the chiropractor. After taking Stem-Kine for a while, my hips no longer hurt and I no longer have to go to the chiropractor.

Since I hardly ever went to a doctor, I tried to take good care of myself. I have been on RBC Life’s products going on seven years now. I always feel well and now I know why. I have to have a structural surgery and went through a lot of tests. My cardiologists said my echocardigram was perfect as well as my EKG’s and he said he wishes his blood pressure was as good as mine. My gynecologist said three times I was in such good health and looked twenty years younger. I run my own home based business and a little secret is I am 81 years old.

Sharon DeWitt

I had stage four cancer and one year to live even though I had 41 radiation treatments and refused chemo. That was in 2006. I started on these wonderful products right away and today I am very active and productive. My age is 82.

Jack DeWitt

I just want to thank you Marvin, for introducing me to Stem-Kine and to the business. After 30 days I knew this product had given me more clarity of mind, relaxes spirit, outstanding rest and sleep. I’ve been working the business spreading the good news, giving my testimony what the products have done for me. I will continue to work hard in the business to help all those who need this so badly. My dream is one day you will come to Chicago for presentations at the Chicago Hilton so many can hear the good news. Thank you again, Sincerely, from Glen Hilton.

Glen Hilton

M.D., who is in her 80’s, has been suffering from incontinence for many years. After taking Stem-Kine, she is no longer bothered. She said she has not done anything else differently. She, also, had several other health challenges, but is doing very well now. 10/13/13


M.E.: My husband and I started to take Stem-Kine about 2 years ago, just because we were feeling old and tired. Within a few weeks we had an enormous increase in our energy and improved mobility and a better range of motion. We lost most of our aches and pains as well as a significant amount of weight (15 lbs. for me and 30lbs. for him.) We started sleeping better and waking up alert and ready for the day. My husband’s eyesight improved to the point where he forgets to wear his glasses.

M.E.: A niece of mine who had suffered with frequent severe migraines and daily headaches for 30 years hasn’t had a single migraine and only 2 minor headaches in the last 10 months. She is one of four people we know who no longer have migraines since starting on Stem-Kine after suffering with them for between 11 and 42 years. Our adult son had injured his shoulder in a fall about 7 years ago, and nothing seemed to help him. In just a few weeks of taking Stem-Kine, he got rid of the pain and regained the strength in his shoulder. My sister-in-law got rid of her bursitis pain so quickly she couldn’t believe it! A cousin has seen enormous improvement in his psoriatic arthritis and also lost 40 lbs. Three other friends have seen significant improvement in their eyesight, while another three no longer suffer from depression and anxiety! There seems to be no end to the possibilities. 06/24/13


LH has major hip issues and was told by her orthopedic doctor that she would need a hip replacement sometime in the near future, which she does not want to do – way too young! (Probably in her early 50’s) She has been taking 4 Stem-Kine daily for about a month. LH is delighted that her pain has gradually lessened, she sleeps better, and, even her hot flashes have tapered off! 06/17/13


Minimizing Fatigue and Recovery
"I recently added Stem-Kine to my regimen. I notice my sleep patterns are better, I recover more quickly after exercise and gone is the low-level fatigue I’ve had for years. Stem-Kine and Microhydrin is the 1-2 punch I need to compete"

Lauren Campbell 60-year old cyclist

We just learned about a wonderful testimonial about RBC’s Green Phyto-Power: C.K., a 20 month old boy is a very finicky eater – as are so many of these little guys. He has been catching just about every sickness to which he’s been exposed. His parents, concerned about how much nutrition he was getting, started adding Green Phyto-Power to his food. After a couple of months, C.K., thankfully, is no longer getting ill! The father shared this information with a co-worker whose little son, also, was a poor eater and sickly. After adding the Green Phyto-Power to his diet, the mother is now seeing improvement in his health, too!! What blessings for these families!! 05/13/13


L.L. was on a plane returning from a business trip. After reading, she stood up to stretch and attempted to take off her reading glasses. But, they weren’t on her nose! She’d been reading without them! L.L is taking Stem-Kine and this was the first time she realized that she could read without glasses! She was astonished! 05/06/13


F.C.’s teenaged son has suffered from severe pain in his knees for several years. After a few weeks on Stem-Kine, the pain has diminished greatly. They couldn’t believe how quickly. He is now able to work out on a treadmill, which would have been impossible before. Her 8 year old son has had a constant runny nose for at least four years. It cleared almost immediately after starting him on Stem-Kine. Another of her sons has been using RBC’s Spirulina to increase his energy level and is quite pleased with the results. RBC products have helped ALL of these brothers!!!! 04/15/13


J.D., in 2006, was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer and given one year to live. J.D. is taking numerous RBC products. He is cancer free and doing very, very well. At 82, he takes no medications and is very active and involved. 10/13/13


S.D. had blood pressure of 185/95 and today her blood pressure is around 128/69. She has always relied on natural supplements and, at 81, takes no medications. The RBC products have given her more energy and a sense of well-being. She is very active and runs her part-time RBC business. 10/13/13


My testimonials on Stem-Kine: Started February 15, 2013

J.Z. I really had sore knees; very painful. I started to take 4 caps a day of Stem-Kine for 30 days. By the end of the month, 98% of the pain was gone. WOW! On Saturday March 15th, I strained a muscle in my lower back. It was very painful. Saturday evening, I took two Stem-Kine and by Sunday morning about ½ the pain was gone. Then I took 2 more Sunday evening and by Monday most of the pain was gone. The first time this year on April 23rd I mowed my lawn. I would get short of breath and sore muscles. This time before I went out again, I took 2 Stem-Kine in the morning and 2 in the evening. The next morning I went out to mow. Guess what, I didn’t get short of breath or have sore muscles. This is great for me since I am 70. I work at a place 2 days a week for 9 hours a day. I take 2 Stem-Kine before noon and 2 in the afternoon and I feel great. It gives me energy.

L.Z. had sore hips. I started her on Stem-Kine and she took 4 a day for 30 days. Pain gone! She now stays on 2 a day and has no pain. She is really happy with RBC Life’s products. She, also, is on
Spirulina and I Q Omega 3. Great products.

There’s more to say. Everyone needs Stem-Kine to get started.


Gina Smith ,D.C.* Dr. Gina Smith graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Biology and a minor in Immunology,Pathology, and Disease Control. Dr.Smith has a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker College Of Chiropractic. She currently works as chiropractor in Houston and specializes in health and dietary counseling.
On the way back from her vacation, my mom called to tell me that she had started getting blisters on her bottom jaw, lips, and neck. I told her that I thought she had shingles.
She had been trying to alleviate the pain with topical pain relievers. She was also on an anti-viral medication for a week, but nothing changed.
Everything need to be natural in order for your body to recognize it, so in our office, natural products are all that we recommend for our patients. If we don’t see some of the results that we want, we recommend stem cell nutrition for our patients.
I like the stem cell nutrition is an all-natural supplement. Stem cells are what have to be initiated in the body, to be able to heal the body inside and out.
I gave stem cell nutrition to my mom. Within a week, every sore that she’d had was gone. Also she had no scars what soever.
Our patients who take stem cell nutrition notice that pain is alleviated a lot quicker. One of our patients had terrible heel pain. We had her start taking stem cell nutrition. She’s walking perfectly.
My Mom noticed results in three days. She told me, "Next time anything happens, I’m going to come to stem cell nutrition first."

Gina Smith, D.C.

I started taking stem cell nutrition four months ago. Once changes started, they just kept on coming. MY joints and muscles started to loosen up. It was easier to get around. I had more strength, and higher level of energy.
My hair was getting thicker and friends mentioned that it was going back to its original color. My right eye has improved greatly. I can read small print, which I hadn’t been able to do for 20 years. Loose skin under my skin seems to have tightened. I don’t need as much sleep as I used to. I wake up earlier feeling a lot more refreshed. I don’t have to use E.D. pills anymore. I had some very pronounced varicose veins. They are now 50 to 70 percent gone.
I have a friend who’s a scientist. When he read through the stem cell nutrition information, he explained that it made sense to be on stem cell nutrition no matter what–especially for your arteries, veins and cardiovascular system. Now, my scientist friend is on stem cell nutrition, too.

David Dixon

Speeding Recovery and Increasing Energy
"I keep an intense training schedule year round, typically logging 400-500 km (250-310 miles) every month. I compete in trail races 25K0100K in length. At 53-years old, I depend on these products to recovery and keep me energized and free from sickness and injury. In addition, I experience tremendous mental energy and clarity."

Dave Champion avid trail & ultra marathoner

Gaining the Edge in National Competitions
Casey Said " It was a thrill of a lifetime. My best competition ever. I had more on my side than just the right board and surfing conditions. In the previous months, I had put on 15 lbs of muscle mass by using Protivity.
I consistently took Microhydrin to give me the energy to make it through multiple daily heats. I felt I had a mental edge going into the competition knowing my body was in top condition thanks to hard work and the RBC products.
Of course, I would have never been able to compete in the first place if it wasn’t for the RBC opportunity which provided me with an income and the free time to train. I am currently working a position I built while in college. RBC has helped me learn about business outside the classroom while paying for my time in it."

Casey Cruciano

I have been taking Stm-Kine for six months. I am on my feet all day and have been working for 42 years. I have had gout in my feet and since taking Stem-Kine, I don’t suffer from that anymore. Also, after several weeks on Stem-Kine my blood pressure reduced so I was able to stop taking my blood pressure medication. It was 160/98 and now its 120/70. My doctor said my blood work now looked like that of a 30 year-old man instead of a 53-year old. In addition, I used to have a lot of old injuries. I had a pinched nerve in my left shoulder and I ‘ve had lower back pain for years. I have absolutely no pain anymore. My skin appears to have more color. My nails feels stronger and my hair appears to be growing faster. My vision seems to be more clear. But the best part for me is my enhanced state of mind. I feel really good. I just feel so much younger. I don’t feel like an old man any longer.

John Henry,Owner, Hair Concepts

What an array of testimonials for RBC products we heard in Brunei! There, “cures and diseases” can be discussed openly without the government prosecuting you. I guess the pharmaceutical companies don’t have as much sway there as in the USA!

We renewed our relationship with Dhania, a now 15 year old delightful girl who has Lupus – the most severe case ever seen in Brunei – and had strokes, damaging her brain. (We first went to Brunei 1 ½ years ago and met Dhania and her mother, Tina.) Dhania is not “cured”, but is doing “brilliantly”! She was close to death 2 years ago and was in the hospital ICU in an induced coma for 4 months – and was on many drugs. One of her markers should have never been below a “4” for her to survive, but it was down to “.9”. The doctors didn’t know how to save her. Then, on the advice of her friend, Jacqui, an RBC associate, when the nurse attendants were briefly out of her room, her mom put Microhydrin and Immune 360 powders on her finger and gently swabbed inside Dhania’s mouth with them. Within a day, her marker had doubled…and continued to rise from there as her mom did this daily! All aspects of her health improved. Her doctors could not explain this reversal!

Today, Dhania is a picture of returning excellent health as she takes her RBC supplements, especially VitAloe. She still has various issues but is full of life and doing very well in school! Dhania and her family are most grateful to RBC! 04/01/13

Happy RBC User

George T. served in Viet Nam and was exposed to Agent Orange. As a result, he has suffered intense pain for many years, especially in his knees, greatly restricting his movement. George recently started taking Stem-Kine. After just two days, he asked if it could be possible for him to see results after such a brief time. Amazingly, George no longer has ANY pain in his knees! What a blessing! He has become the sole caregiver for his 6 year old grandson and for his wife who has a disabling disorder. We thank George for his service to our precious country and we wish him very well with Stem-Kine and his health! 12/19/12

George T.

Judy in Indiana has been taking Stem-Kine and her neuropathy is gone in her hands/arms and feet/legs! Another quality of life improvement! 09/13/12

Judy in Indiana

Ramona G. took 9 Stem-Kine daily and, within 9 days, her shingles had cleared up! Also, her blood sugar dropped over this time period from 350 to 135! Earl spoke at length with 83 year old Ramona, a retired R.N., and found a delightful lady who is thrilled to have her health back! She is totally engaged in a sewing project for our soldiers in Afghanistan and earns $ to support this project. What a gal!

Romona G

Nina C. reports: “Do you ever have those days when you feel run down, tired, blah … you just want to go from the bed to the couch and do nothing at all? ME TOO! I have a busy, busy schedule, seven days a week (operating an opry in Texas with her husband), so those days were really hard to deal with! My friend (Wanda P.) introduced me to Microhydrin. She saw me one day, and knowing that I had a couple of really full days ahead of me, she told me about Microhydrin and gave me a couple capsules to try. She explained that it would give me the energy I needed without the nervous, edgy feeling. She was absolutely right – I take a couple of capsules in the morning and I’m ready for the day ahead! I love it because it is natural and I don’t have to worry about it harming me in any way.” 09/16/12

Nina C

Tim L. had a terrible stroke about 1 ½ years ago when he was only 45 years old. He is now taking regular amounts of Stem-Kine, VitAloe, and Diosin and is showing great progress as he returns to normal health. Tim and his family are very thankful to RBC! 03/03/13

Tim L.

Our new friend, SD, had constant, horrible migraines since the age of 11 (she’s now 38). She would writhe on the floor in pain. Her aunt was visiting during one of these bouts and gave her two Stem-Kine to try and, literally, 20 minutes later, her headache was gone!! SD now faithfully takes 4 Stem-Kine daily to help her body prevent the occurrence of migraines. This is the first time in many years that she feels so well and is telling “the world” about Stem-Kine!!!! (According to research: Often times, people with low endothelial precursor cells (EPC’s) can have migraines. Stem-Kine raises the level of EPC’s.) 02/04/13


SM’s 80 year old mother had breast cancer surgery followed by radiation. She refused the oncologist’s urging to have maintenance chemo. Then, her son learned about Stem-Kine and put her on it. After several months of just taking S-K, her oncologist, after doing testing, told her that he could see absolutely no reason at all that she should be put on chemo! We don’t know if this would happen for everyone in this situation, but we’re delighted that SM’s mom doesn’t have to undergo any chemo side effects! 11/26/12


Joan B. fell several years ago and broke her neck. As a result, she has almost constant, severe migraines. She goes to bed with a migraine and awakens with one. On October 21, 2012, Joan started taking Stem-Kine, VitAloe, and Spirulina. Within a couple of days, she only had very minor headaches, which have now eased even more! Joan’s husband is, also, seeing good results taking RBC products. 11/05/12

Update: Joan B. has been having such marvelous success with Stem-Kine helping her body fight terrible migraines – usually she takes it regularly. Last Saturday, she forgot to take her Stem-Kine, left home for our meeting and proceeded to start getting a headache. We gave her two Stem-Kine and her early pain disappeared! 01/18/13

Joan B

Morgan McD. (just turned 50) has been extremely ill for over 10 years – diabetes with severe ulcers that wouldn’t heal for years, very high blood sugar and very high blood pressure, etc., etc. After being on Core 4 + Greens (starting July 9, 2012) for just a few days, Morgan’s blood sugar became stable (from a high of 600) and his blood pressure came down from 260/180 to 128/82. One ulcer had been the size of a baseball and is now ½ that size and ½ as deep (was about 1” deep) and the tissue in that area is beginning to look normal. Morgan’s excruciating leg pain has greatly subsided. He has much more energy and now sleeps well. What blessings!!!! 07/29/12=

After reviewing his recent test results in October, Morgan’s medical doctors stated that his heart and kidney functions have improved in comparison with his August test results – they were very pleased and surprised, since no meds had ever helped him. We just interacted with several ladies who have known Morgan for many years. They were amazed and delighted to learn of his progress. They said his health had been so bad that they thought he would die very soon. Instead, with RBC products, Morgan, at 50 years of age, has new hope for a long, healthy life! PTL! 10/29/12

Morgan’s Testimonial: “I have major health concerns: congestive heart failure and water on my heart and lungs – I couldn’t lay down to sleep as there was too much pressure, but had to sit up; severe diabetes with a wound on my leg the size of a man’s fist and 3/4” deep and my legs/feet had spots all over them; 2 pain meds were needed every 4 hours. I used to have to go to the emergency room for a week at a time. For 4 months, I’ve been on stem cell nutrition and other RBC nutrients: I handle my conditions at home; I have no water on my heart and lungs; my leg wound is TOTALLY HEALED with new skin; my legs/feet look normal; my heart and kidney functions and blood pressure/sugar have improved; pain meds are rarely needed. I feel fantastic! I feel really, really well! Now, ask me about my walk with Jesus…”

Morgan told us that he used to be on 6 different blood pressure meds since his BP was so extremely high: NOW he’s on only 1 BP med!! Also, his once super high blood sugar came down to 85, so his medical doctor took him entirely off insulin! PTL! Without the water on his heart and lungs, he doesn’t have to sit up to sleep at night anymore…he can sleep in his own bed! Morgan looks SO good!!!! 11/12/12

Morgan McD., our “Poster Man” for RBC products (had a stroke just before his surgery, believed to be the result of a drug reaction) underwent open-heart surgery last week to replace a valve – successfully! Core 4 and other RBC supplements helped Morgan’s body to overcome a severe infection which had prevented his doctors from performing the surgery last fall. 01/14/13

We saw Morgan McD. at our stem cell nutrition seminar last Thursday. It was the first time since his open heart surgery and stroke that we’d seen him. My, he looked good! He still has a ways to go to regain complete use of his left side, but he’s coming along quite well. An old friend of his was at the meeting. She hadn’t seen him in a long time and couldn’t believe how much better he looks since being on the RBC products. 02/23/13

Morgan McD

I work at a Salon in Oregon. Seven years ago, my thumb was smashed. I lost my thumbnail and damaged the nail bed. I have put fake nail or bandage on to cover it up. After hearing about Stem Kine, I took everything off my ugly thumb and started taking Stem Kine. It was amazing to see my nails, and especially my thumbnail, grow as fast as they did. I now have a real thumb-nail.
My motto is: "Feed the body the nutrition it needs, from the inside and out, and it will heal itself". Proper nutrition is essential for healthy hair, nails and skin.
In the salon, I also see better hair growth and nail growth from Stem Kine than I have ever seen from any of the other products I have used. It feeds the body what it needs. Skin is more nourished and becomes more youthful looking.
I am a believer in Stem Kine. It has been a life changer. Feed the body the nutrition it needs, and see,feel, and enjoy better health, better quality of Life.

Susan Stadeli

I have been taking health and nutritional products for over 35 years and never had product experience like with Stem Kine.Over two years ago I listened to Dr Neil Riordan speak about the effects of Stem Kine increasing stem cells in your body naturally.After listening and reading the studies I decide to take Stem Kine myself because I had right knee injury that was not getting better.After been on the product for just five days I notice my knee starting to heal and in one week my pain and limp was gone.That made me a believer in big way.

Marvin Stadeli

Stemkine is a truly unique product. I appreciate that the power of naturally fermented foods has a key part of its formula. If I don’t keep up my daily intake of Stemkine, I feel run down and out of energy. Stemkine keeps me going.

Kaylie Halbrook

Annie (34) had been trying to become pregnant for a number of years without success. Then, Annie’s doctor announced that she was pregnant ONE WEEK after she started on Stem-Kine! Who knows…just a coincidence? It sure sounds like a miracle to me!! 03/11/12
Update: Annie’s daughter, Kate, is a healthy 1+ year old!! 06/24/13


We thought you’d like to know that the 93 year old father of one of our RBC friends returned from Panama City, Panama, two weeks ago after having Dr. Neil Riordan’s successful stem cell therapy! HG had reached a point that his degenerated hip could not support him anymore and he needed a wheel chair, walker, or cane to walk. Since the therapy, he can now walk again without any assistance! PTL! Of course, Stem-Kine will continue to keep his stem cell count high! 03/26/12

Update: HG has had a total of two treatments in Panama City. He continues to walk on his own, using the wheel chair/walker/cane as needed. We’ve seen him and his mind is again sharp and his singing voice has even returned! He takes Stem-Kine daily. 06/24/13


Joan D.: “RBC products have changed my life!” It’s been years since Joan D. has been able to do hard work at length in her yard and garden. Now, with Stem-Kine and Microhydrin, she’s doing her own gardening again for hours at a time – turning hard soil – as well as carrying heavy boxes as she’s organizing her garage – and not feeling aches and pains in Houston’s high heat and humidity! 06/04/13

Joan D

Wanda P., while caring for her goat herd, walked through poison ivy and developed a bad rash on her face, hands, and arms – with one eye swollen shut. She took 4 Stem-Kine daily for 3 days and the rash is GONE! 05/07/12

Wanda P

Our personal testimonials, as told by Dottie:

Earl started taking Stem-Kine 1 ½ years ago. Before that time, his blood pressure was beginning to be elevated (up to 140) and his doctor wanted to put him on medication, which Earl refused. He hoped Stem-Kine would help. WELL, he had his annual physical last week and the nurse took his BP: 112/60! His doctor didn’t believe the results, so HE took it, too…BP: 106/60!!!! I think the doctor was stunned, since he didn’t make any comment!! 11/19/12

Dottie: “However, I’d never seen any major improvement in my health taking the Stem-Kine…except for more energy. I told him I sure hoped something was happening internally that I didn’t know was occurring! Well, now we know…

“Dottie’s History: In 1998, I had one diseased parathyroid gland removed. It had caused me to have Osteoporosis. For the next 8 yrs., I took Fosamax – which hardens the bone and, possibly makes the bone brittle, not flexible anymore – which worried me. So, I stopped taking the med and have taken no bone medication for the last 6 years. My bone density had NOT improved during that time frame, in fact it worsened slightly. My medical doctor was very concerned and wanted me to go back on a bisphosphonate (Fosamax).

This last February (02/13/12), I had another bone density scan (after 2 years). Note: Osteopenia is the beginning stage of bone loss; Osteoporosis is the next stage and is much worse.”

Comments from the Doctor’s Office:
‘Your bone density showed Osteopenia with mild improvement since last exam. Continue current measures.’
The details of the bone scan results: “Bone mineral density of the lumbar spine has increased by 3.1% since prior study dated 09/21/09. Bone mineral density of the mean total hip has increased by 4% since prior study dated 09/21/09.
“We are thrilled, to say the least! I now have a Stem-Kine testimonial and will certainly ‘Continue current measures’!!” 04/01/12

“After watching Dr. Neil Riordan’s stem cell video again and seeing his graph on circulating endothelial precursor cells (EPC’s) associated with migraine headaches, I decided that I probably had very low EPC’s before getting on Stem-Kine on a daily basis,– I had had 35 years of having what Dr. Riordan stated are the worst kind of migraines…the ones with extreme pain with bright lights and auras. However, I have NOT had a migraine AT ALL during the 13 months that I have been taking Stem-Kine – I must now have an abundance of circulating EPC’s!” 06/24/12

“Stem-Kine is greatly helping people with migraines. Just taking 2 Stem-Kine capsules while having a headache has actually stopped its progress cold. What a joy to learn about these stories. I can certainly empathize with these folks…and share in their newfound good health! Now, they’re taking Stem-Kine daily as PREVENTION from getting a migraine!” 05/28/13

“We’ve just spent ten days with super energetic grandkids! Sometimes just 2 children, sometimes 5! What fun!!!! Thanks to RBC for Microhydrin and Triple FX for energy!!” 08/15/11

“Earl and I have stayed healthy during this terrible bout with flu that’s all over the country. Before being in groups or with sick people, we spray Silver-22 up our nostrils and let it drain down into the sinuses and throat. (Pour Silver-22 into a squirt container.) This has been our protection. Just once, we had minor issues, and made a cocktail suggested by RBC’s Dr. Carolyn Rachaner, ND, of 4 oz. TruAloe, 2 oz. of
OliViva, mixed with 1 teaspoon Silver-22. We sipped this throughout the day – as well as spraying the Silver-22 into our nostrils. Silver-22 prevents the bad bacteria from multiplying and doesn’t affect the good bacteria. RBC’s Silver supplement is far superior to any silver product you can get in a health food store. (Usually only 10 parts per million vs. RBC’s 22 parts.)” 02/18/13

“Probably 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with reactive airway disease – the precursor to asthma – and given an inhalant and Claritin to use on a regular basis. After all those years, I stopped taking the drugs and started taking 1 scoop of VitAloe daily, which greatly improved my breathing issues. This past week, after hearing Sandy Brittain mention that VitAloe is especially beneficial for respiratory problems, I’ve upped my intake to 2 scoops daily and am amazed how my breathing is now NORMAL with very little coughing! To have the VitAloe in my system throughout the day, I take 1 scoop at breakfast and 1 at dinner or bedtime. Earl and I share our health successes with others so that we can afford our supplements!!” 06/02/13

“Earl and I play tennis and always take 2 Microhydrin before and after playing for no muscle soreness. Also, we do the same before and after yard work – mowing, weeding, pruning, etc. Another benefit we learned from a longtime user of Microhydrin – 16+ years – by taking a sufficient amount of Microhydrin daily, this fair skinned lady, born in Scandinavia, NEVER gets sunburned, even being out in Houston’s intense sun for 3 hours of gardening! We find the same results!” 06/09/13

Earl & Dottie

At our 3 stem cell nutrition seminars over the weekend, we were overwhelmed with testimonials about how the body uses the nutrients in RBC products for improved health! A sampling: 40 year old Penny and Polysaccharides (VitAloe): fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and even mitral valve heart prolapse – all gone! 08/12/12


DS and MS have been taking Stem-Kine for several months now. They went to Sea World in San Antonio, TX, with their family recently. As you know, this is the REALLY HOT time of year in Texas! However, they have so much more energy now that their family was amazed that they kept up with their grandchildren for the entire time and did not need to sit out and rest! DS has had lessening of bad back pain, also. 06/22/13

DS and MS

DS and MS have been taking Stem-Kine for several months now. They went to Sea World in San Antonio, TX, with their family recently. As you know, this is the REALLY HOT time of year in Texas! However, they have so much more energy now that their family was amazed that they kept up with their


J.C., an 85 year old lady, took a bad fall and severely hurt her shoulder, along with other injuries. She had great numbness in her left arm. After taking Stem-Kine for only one month, she is feeling much better and now only has a little numbness in her finger tips and some in her shoulders! Not a cure, but quite a wonderful improvement in her condition! J.C. decided to continue taking her Stem-Kine! 05/19/13


Richard P. has a very large, dark section on his lower leg due to poor circulation (a genetic disorder: bleeding through the walls of his capillaries) and his doctor removing a vein. This has not changed in several years, no matter what his physician did to treat it. After being on Stem-Kine for just a few weeks, Richard is seeing improvement – lighter color – and he and his wife are astonished! 03/10/13

Update for Richard. P.: The skin on Richard’s lower leg continues to heal, being softer and not leathery as before Stem-Kine. Also, his severe nose bleeds, which were once major, are now down to a few minutes each (instead of hours!). 04/28/13

Richard P

At our RBC training, we heard Stem-Kine testimonials from all over the world – how the body is using the stem cells for healing!!…Issues like complete reversal of deep depression (and other concerns) of a Vietnam vet – what a blessing!; blood pressure greatly reduced; severe pain reversal and ability to use arm again; a 76 year old mother in Taiwan on death’s bed – had macular degeneration – now really LIVING again!, blood sugar reduction of diabetic; etc., etc., etc.!!!! 04/16/12

Vietnam Vet

I just want to thank you Marvin, for introducing me to Stem-Kine and to the business. After 30 days I knew this product had given me more clarity of mind, relaxes spirit, outstanding rest and sleep. I’ve been working the business spreading the good news, giving my testimony what the products have done for me. I will continue to work hard in the business to help all those who need this so badly. My dream is one day you will come to Chicago for presentations at the Chicago Hilton so many can hear the good news. Thank you again, Sincerely, from Glen… [read more]

Glen Hilton