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  • Use free online educational and entertainment applications to attract Site Visitors to help feed hungry people – is a proud supporter of
  • Provide free knowledge and training to Students, Out of School Youths (OSY) and Seniors in the areas of technology and communications.
  • Assist in providing online job opportunities through
  • Support local economies through promotion of Member Internet Cafes for Students, OSY and Seniors to have a place to learn, grow and work online.

Hungry Geeks are hungry to learn, hungry to please, and hungry to earn money to assist their pursuit of higher education.

We are debuting in Tacloban City, Philippines. Mission Statement:

Simply stated, the goal of is to become the de facto worldwide portal for Stem Cell information.

To accomplish this goal from a grass roots effort, passionate Hungry Geeks were utilized to develop Heart Disease, Diabetes and Strokes are major health problems in the Philippines. These Gentlemen feel it is their personal duty to spread the word. We invite you to read their personal stories and gain insight into life in the Philippines. From Tacloban City, Philippines (ground zero from Typhoon Yolanda disaster) we proudly introduce you to a very special group of talented and committed individuals.

January 29th, 2013 – launches to a select group of Beta Testers.

If you would like a sneak peak of the Website, please join the Mailing List or contact Administrators for VIP access credentials.

December 12, 2013 – donates Spirulina Bars and Tablets to Survivors of Typhoon Yolanda

Spirulina is the perfect food to restore our health and the health of our planet. It is a unique blue-green algae and it contains an incredible array of nutrients deeming it “Nature’s Miracle Food”. RBC’s Spirulina Bars and Tablets were donated to assist the needs.

Raquel Brillo and her son Echan were traumatized by Typhoon Yolanda. Having to evacuate their home, they left Tacloban with the clothes on their backs. Currently, the family resides in Cebu while rebuilding their lives.

Spirulina Bars provided a convenient way to help maintain family health and created a momentary pleasurable escape for Echan who is still haunted by his memories of the Typhoon.

Mission accomplished!

Echan is happy! “Thank You!”

Christian said, “I took 3 capsules and it really fills me up… It is really a Miracle Food”.

Photos taken: 12/12/2013 Cebu, Philippines – – All Rights Reserved

The following pictures are a local event sponsored by the IT TEAM in Tacloban City, Philippines in 2013

Photos taken: 04/05/2013 Tacloban City, Philippines – – All Rights Reserved