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Congratulations!  You have landed on the most expansive website available for researching, understanding, and utilizing Stem Cells anywhere on the World Wide Web. seeks to be an information clearinghouse focused on Stem Cells and the benefits derived from research concerning them.  Our goal is to be the #1 worldwide depository of Stem Cell information and we believe we will accomplish that goal!  The internet is a big wide world of information…information that comes in from hundreds of countries, thousands of websites, and a myriad of research entities.Quite frankly, the information can be overwhelming to anyone looking for data and ways to enhance their life through utilization of stem cell research and related products.

In addition to all the scientific research concerning Stem Cells and their benefits, there is also ongoing research and development of modalities for prevention, treatment, cure, and healing of diseases utilizing the most current, up-to-date knowledge about stem cells.It is our hope and mission to help everyone from Health Care Professionals to general consumers navigate this information overload and distill the specifics that will help them find benefits for their own lives and the lives of those people in their families or under their professional care.

This site is maintained and updated daily in regards to what new information or research becomes available.  This site IS NOT just a recitation of information and research to date, but will be an ongoing project DEDICATED to bringing everyone news and information in real time.  Therefore, you can be assured that if it has anything to do with Stem Cells from anywhere in the world, our Researchers are looking for it.  You are also invited to share information you feel is helpful through posting links to information or  comments here: click here

At the basic level, the creation of is a means by which to bridge the gaps between the domains of the scientists, researchers, and developers and the real world applications and understanding sought by consumers and health care professions.  After all, what good is all the knowledge and innovations if no one can access the information and apply it to the individual life?

Without a doubt, Stem Cell research is one of the fastest growing endeavors and the understanding of the importance of Stem Cells is growing every day. Yet, most reports concerning stem cell research and related applications tend to be highly technical and appear only in scientific journals and databases.  This often creates a barrier which makes the practical application by consumers difficult at best but generally a formidable prospect.  Therefore, we endeavor to provide a breakdown of this information in more easily accessible form from which everyone can benefit.

We thank you for visiting and we hope that you will bookmark our site and visit regularly for news and information.  As always, your comments are welcome and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the most comprehensive Stem Cell website available.