Mr. Marvin Stadeli

m-marvin2-300x200From his youth on a farm to becoming a successful businessman, Marvin Stadeli has led a challenging life, but every moment of it has been a joy.  With one of the companies that he founded recently selling to a global bank concern, Marvin now introduces a brand new concept in social networking to the entrepreneurial world!

Being the oldest of 11 children raised on American farmland in Silverton, Oregon has its advantages!  Hard work, honesty, and integrity were learned at an early age from working on the farm and in the family business to create a foundation for life. He brings all of these with him as a businessman with high values and uncompromising tenets. The journey has been a long one filled with hard knocks and hard-won battles, yet all have been a blessing in many ways…

Having served two years as a Physician’s Assistant in a Korean field hospital during the Vietnam era, he had up-close-and-personal knowledge of the body’s response under stress and in trauma. The experience would come to serve him well not too many years later.

Leaving the military in 1970, Marvin’s life as an entrepreneur began. He worked in the family business with well systems and heavy construction, employing up to 250 people.

Thirteen years later, while simultaneously owning and operating a mining fabrication firm and a sand and gravel company, Marvin launched into his first networking business and began learning about the dos and don’ts of the industry.  While exploring different multi-level marketing concerns, his passion for helping people led him to find a home in the world of health and nutrition.  His entrepreneurial vision concurrently led him on a unique parallel track of developing digital systems to ensure that network marketers were paid in a timely and efficient manner.

This vision gave birth to uncharted territory in a new use of debit cards which eventually became the very popular “stored value cards” (SVC) used globally today.  The next logical step in this endeavor for Marvin was to become the founder of a Houston company called FSV Payment Systems, where he was the Manager-Director until 2007. FSV Payment Systems was acquired by US Bank in 2012. Marvin continues to work as a consultant in this area, as well as to network marketing companies in their compensation plans and product needs.

Through it all, Marvin has accrued vast experience in both entrepreneurialism and business; however, his love for health and nutrition has spanned the last three decades.   His desire to help people has transcended it all and diligently maintained one goal:  to help individuals get their bodies back on the right health track through the most exceptional nutritional products on the market today.

In 2010, Marvin was appointed to the Advisory Board of RBC Life. He has been instrumental in developing stem cell nutrition seminars to educate the general public on Stem-Kine, a proprietary product being called “the discovery of the century.”

Two years later, he developed the website, featuring Dr. Neil Riordan’s work with other Doctors & peer articles to bring updated News on Stem Cells research and studies.