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health-and-beautyCan aging be reversed or delayed?

The age-old quest for the fountain of youth has been pointing in the direction of stem cells for almost a decade now. Originally, stem cell research focused on stem cells harvested from embryonic sources. However, in the decades since their discovery, scientists have identified Adult Stem Cells which all humans possess in their bodies.  These cells are being touted as the new Waters of Bimini to regain youthfulness. So, unlike the mythological fountains and rivers of past, stem cells exist and have real, hard science behind them.   Starting in the mid 1990s, Stem Cell research has expanded dramatically each year with new discoveries and breakthroughs coming with increasing regularity.   Early on, Stem Cell research focused around embryonic stem cells.  This was, obviously, not without controversy. Now adult cells, such as skin cells, can be reprogrammed back to embryonic stem cells called induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. That means we can produce embryonic stem cells for use in research and stem cell therapy. There is no more need for the embryonic stem cells originating from the egg fertilized by the sperm. Thus the moral and ethical issues over them are no longer invoked. Finally, all people can enjoy the benefits of these amazing iPS cells without reservations. Some of the clinical trials with Adult Stem Cell therapy (using stem cells extracted from human adipose and injected back into the same donor) have shown astounding progress in fighting diseases. As an added benefit, patients have often found that their facial wrinkles have decreased, their skin has become younger looking, and their hair has become healthier. By means of recombinant DNA as an adjunct to Stem Cell research, diabetes and sickle cell anemia has been remedied. The use of stem cells from cord blood cure heart disease, arthritis and cancer. iPS cells have ushered in the production of patient- and disease-specific stem cells. Such can now be used in stem cell therapy paving for the emergence of regenerative medicine. This regenerative effect has far reaching implications in helping people look, feel, and remain younger despite chronological aging. Imagine being able to go in for liposuction and having your adipose extracted, run through a centrifuge, and your Adult Stem Cells and adult cells extracted to be injected back into your body as treatment for aging and/or ill health! While such procedures may be commonplace in the future, they will most probably come with a substantial monetary price. Fortunately, there exists a nutritional supplementation that has been shown to increase the population of stem cells in the body which can help the body continue to repair and rebuild vital organs and systems in the body. This supplementation — Stem-Kine — when combined with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, can increase health and longevity in anyone! In fact, structured human trials have verified these effects. While the first trial was done on six patients, the second trial was done on 18 volunteers and had amazing result. The results are published in The Journal of Translational Medicine and are available for review.  In summary, Stem-Kine is a revolutionary product that gives back health and wellness when coupled with proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.  People taking Stem-Kine on a daily basis have reported a myriad of health improvements including relief from hip pain and arthritis to reducing the symptoms of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer. Please peruse our “Testimonial” page to see what others have experienced! We are sure you will want to try Stem-Kine for yourself! health-and-beuty